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What does it cost?

The cost's involved for hang gliding training are low when compaired to other types of flight training.

We have listed the cost's of our training courses below although there are cheaper options available when you purchase a course set. For booking information hit the 'Spotlight' now.


Training courses


EP - £475.00
Courses are of an unspecified duration, usually 4 - 7 days, as we can undertake to train you to the standard required by the BHPA and the time required will vary according to training conditions at the time of your course and your ability. Try to arrange to begin on either a Saturday or a Monday.


CP - £520-00
Courses are also of unspecified duration and can be started immediately on completion of the EPC course or after a short break. You will want to have your own glider during this stage. There are two excellent gliders available that you can complete your CP on and go on to fly once you leave the school. See ("link to") equipment.


BHPA Membership:
It is compulsory at all BHPA approved schools, to take out a BHPA membership to cover the duration of the course. The memberships available, which include 3rd. party insurance and are normally taken out on the first day of the course, currently cost £10 for one day, £20 for two day, £55 for a three month membership or £92 for the year.

Gift vouchers

Make an ideal supprise gift... click here for more information





All our courses are designed to be as flexible as possible... Please read the notes on our Flexicourse.